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Rep. Mike Steele a City Champion Award recipient


CHELAN – The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) awarded Rep. Mike Steele a City Champion Award in an evening reception on July 30 at Chelan City Hall Council Chambers.

Chelan Mayor Mike Cooney said a few words before presenting Steele with the award.

“I know where Mike Steele started, Manson, and the small town attributes have served him well  advocating for the cities … you’re a very strong voice for the cities in the state legislature. We are very proud of you, we are very proud that you represent the 12th District,” said Cooney.

Steele started off as a council member and Cooney recalls him being “the voice of reason, always asking the best questions.”

Cooney is still in disbelieved on how far Steele has come along. He thanked Steele for serving all cities in the 12th District, in particular Chelan. “You make your rounds, you’re an honest guy and I can’t thank you enough for being so non-partisan,” Cooney added.

Chelan councilmember Wendy Isenhart also had something to say about Steele. “I have seen Mike bring order out of chaos … that’s what I appreciate about Mike, we have been on opposite sides of a lot of things and we finally came around to do what’s best for Chelan. I know he’s doing that in the legislature,” said Isenhart.

Cooney went ahead and presented Steele with the City Champion Award “for his advocacy when it comes to local control of the public rights of way.”

As the attendees applauded Steele, he thanked them for being there for him that evening. Steele felt humble and honored in receiving the award.

“I loved serving our city council here in Chelan, one of my most favorite experiences for sure. It has been a huge resource to draw upon that experience when you come to the legislature and to know what small cities are going through in different parts of our state, I really try to bring that voice to the legislature,” said Steele.

Steele also had special recognitions for Victoria Lincoln and Briana for all their work, “they are incredible advocates for small cities … I have been very fortunate to be able to work with both of them.”   

Also present was Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz, “thanks Mike for doing work on behalf of cities of Wenatchee, Chelan and the rest of the cities … I appreciate that,” he said. Kuntz also hopes that Steele stays in Olympia for a very long time because all the 12th District needs him there.

Brewester Public Works Director Lee Webster shared an anecdote of a project Steele was major key on, Webster shook Steele’s hand and thanked him.

Cashmere Mayor Jim Fletcher, Chelan councilmembers Erin McCardle and Tim Hollinsworth along with other community members were also present at the reception in honor of Steele.


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