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Scores exhibit prize livestock from Brewster and Pateros

Sales break records


OKANOGAN – Scores of Quad City livestock exhibitors helped the 76th annual Okanogan County Fair break market stock sale records during its four-day run last Sept. 7-10. The fair came together in clockwork fashion thanks to the efforts of Fair Advisory Committee (FAC) members, community volunteers, and county staff workers who went the extra mile when it was needed.

Gate receipts alone reached $90,903 according to Okanogan County Treasurer Pan Johnson and that figure does not include sales and from other sources are still being counted.

Total market sale receipts are still being tallied at this writing, but auctioneer and market sale committee member Lloyd Caton said about $585,000 has been verified so far for 216 animals, 116 swine, 42 lambs, 10 goats, and 48 steers.

A heartwarming story coming out of the steer auction is that of 17-year-old Vance Reese of Omak. Reese lost his father, Jick, to cancer a week before the fair and the community response to the tragedy is the stuff that make’s the county special. Reese’s 1,319-pound market steer fetched a whopping $17.50 per pound but the bidding had only begun. The steer was then sold two more times, the second price at $4.50 per pound and the final at $5. Do the math and that’s a total $35,795.

The fur and feather auction raked in more than $57,000 to break its previous record.

Fairgrounds Manager Stella Columbia who stepped into her position two weeks prior to this year’s event was highly complimentary to those who quickly pitched in to prevent any last-minute problems.

“I was absolutely impressed by the community members who stepped forward and volunteered, and I was really impressed with county employees who willingly took on extra work while trying to do their job at the same time as coming here,” said Columbia. “This is a massive event that is in fast motion to pull off every year, but with a sudden change right before the Fair really deserves kudos to those who made it happen.”

A new Kid Zone held in the absence of the usual carnival proved to be a successful replacement for entertaining the younger crowd.

“Hopefully that is something that can be built on,” said Columbia. “The carnival is getting difficult to get because of their need for a level of profit we may not be able to meet.”

More than 40 livestock exhibitors from the Brewster and Pateros FFA, 4-H, and independent ranks brought steers, swine, lambs, goats, and smaller livestock to be judged. All walked away with ribbons and a couple - Kassidy Wilfong and Jenessa Scroggie from Pateros FFA - had a Grand Champion lamb and goat respectively.

Brewster FFA Steer

Paige Wulf – blue ribbon (BR)

Kaydence Carrington – red ribbon (RR)

Brewster Junior Open (JO) Steer

Malayna Van Winkle (BR)

Brewster FFA Lamb

Miguel Aparicio-Martinez (BR)

Pepper Boesel (BR)

Rafael Cruz (BR)

Brewster JO Lamb

A. Daniel Aparicio-Martinez (BR)

Andrea Celeste Garcia-Martinez (BR)

Julissa Garcia-Martinez (BR)

Naiyomme Aparicio-Martinez (BR)

Clint Powell (BR)

Ima Powell (BR)

Aubrey Powell (BR)

Brewster FFA Swine

Grace Becker (Reserve Champion)

Hyleah Aparicio (BR)

Karyme Arevalo (BR)

Cole Aparicio (RR)

Alex Talavera (RR)

Brewster JO Swine

Havanna Aparicio (BR)

Bronson Beckler (BR)

Carson Becker (BR)

Abbi Hull (BR)

Allison Reynolds (BR)

Kimber Reynolds (BR)

Katia Sanchez (BR)

Milan Sanchez (BR)

Grant Becker (RR)

Colt Milton (RR)

Brewster 4H Swine

Koye Carrington (BR)

Pateros FFA Swine

Payton Ravenstein (BR)

Stevie Simmons (BR)

Zayne Ravenstein (RR)

Pateros FFA Lamb

Kassidy Wilfong (Grand Champion)

Wrandie Bowen (BR)

Pateros FFA Goat

Jenessa Scroggie (Grand Champion)

Pateros JO Swine

Raelyn Coffman (BR)

Bryan Hernandez (BR)

Taylor Johanson (BR)

Charles Oborne (BR)

Reese Stennes (BR)

Clayton Zahn (BR)

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