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Small steps you and your family can take to Go Green this Earth Day


StatePoint - If you’re like many parents, you want to set a good example for your children and teach them how they can positively impact the world around them. However, when it comes to sustainable efforts, the responsibility of saving the environment can seem like a monumental task.

Going green while parenting might sound challenging, but small steps can make a difference, especially as more companies and brands are getting in on the effort to go green. Get started on the right foot this Earth Day with the following tips and insights:

Choose Eco-Friendly Shoes

Children’s feet grow fast and need to be replaced often. That’s why you can consider selecting footwear that incorporates eco-friendly features. Here are a few sustainable options:

• Teva’s signature sandal straps are made from recycled plastic bottles to reduce waste. The brand offers styles for men, women, and children.

• Birkenstock’s classic and modern footbed sandals, which come in various colors, are made from natural materials such as cork, natural latex, and jute.

• The TOMS Earthwise Collection includes an assortment of on-trend flats with a 50% recycled cotton canvas upper and a non-removable insole made with 50% eco-content for a seamless fit.

To make shopping for eco-friendly footwear easier, Rack Room Shoes created a shoppable page on its website featuring shoes made with sustainable materials. Visit:

Choose Paper Over Plastic

With a bit of creativity, you can replace plastic utensils, sandwich bags, and single-use beverage containers at home with sustainable, reusable alternatives. Also, try purchasing favorite household items in bulk instead to limit the amount of packaging you consume.

While individual efforts are important, companies will also need to embrace change. Retailers, such as Rack Room Shoes, are enacting company-wide initiatives. They have begun replacing plastic bags with paper in many locations and will be using only paper bags, chain-wide, in the coming months. The company also recycles, utilizes energy efficient lighting, and has sustainable flooring at many locations.

You and your children can make an impact by taking a reusable tote when you shop and learning about your local recycling program together.

“It’s important to work with our customers, associates and partners to positively impact our environment,” said Rack Room Shoes president and CEO Mark Lardie. “We are making progress by continuing to identify ways we can evolve our products and processes for a more sustainable future.”

The small steps you take to go green will keep the planet healthy for generations to come.


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