Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The death of man's brain and spirit


The next generation of tyrants will be the corporations that run the computers and all the gizmos and control all the money while also giving the masses a new religion of self satisfaction and complete addiction ala interactive games of life posing as life itself.

Their hands are on the controls and they no longer fear God. That necessary dread died in the 1960's and our ideas have become muddled into disbelief ever since.

The Corporate MindBenders will control about 75% of all of us. Think how this is coming about ... capitalism, overt racism and targeted demographics.

That's right, effeminate men have become the darlings of aggressive women. It has always been thus. There is one major exception: Donald Trump. Teresa May can kick your butt and so can Angela, but you just don't have any shame and so you speak your mind like most men wish they had the nerve to when they talk to their wives.

It throws the world into a tizzy, but since when has passive-agressive behavior naivete become treasonous?

"The Donald" ate the Office of the President and then puked it back into the face of the status quo?

I might like this performance art masquerading as a Broadway Play.

This out of the box President who woke up in a different age and decided to make the best of it by faking it until making it. Then he made it.

This manic depressive, obsessive-compulsive beast let loose from the streets of Queens, Brooklyn and

Manhattan, he, is now ours, but what are we going to do with him?

Reward his brilliance and put him back on television ... after he serves some time in the slammer?

Well, that's what some people think. I would rather let him explode naturally after another seven years in the Oval Office and 20 more years on earth as a retired entrepreneur. Our "Donald" will live to see his son Baron become a U.S. Senator.

Baron will eventually become the second of the Trumps to become president.

Only Baron will be a Gay Vegetarian who adores Melania and makes her the Ambassador to Slovenia.

The he dies in a fiery car crash while racing in the Grand Prix of Monaco.

It is ok when this happens, because Melania is then elected President as the Third Trump to hold the office.

She, in fact, becomes the first woman president.

By this time the Koreas are unified, Putin has been murdered by his own people and Cuba becomes the 52nd state after Puerto Rico finally becomes the 51st. Guam, Jamaica, the Bahamas and even Bermuda all become American states as our great nation takes full control of the Caribbean.

Bitcoin is fabulously corrupted by even more advanced cyber-mining techniques and the world returns to its true love of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, pearls and other gems.

Bartering becomes incredibly popular and the Postal Service finally gets privatized by greedy anti-government forces who declare FedEx and UPS as the two winners of the postal service wars. Now a letter to Grandma in Alaska costs $7.95 and a box of cookies to the kid in the army in Germany is a $50 fee.

All babies born after 2040 will have their "social security" credentials implanted into their brains right after birth while the skull is still soft.

Modern music will consist of sharp bleats and flat drones aimed at the inner ear and undetectable otherwise.

Cars will also be obsolete because no one will ever travel anywhere anymore except by brain patterns set up and instigated by your local AAA. They can send you anywhere without you actually ever having to leave your couch.

Thank God I will be taking a dirt nap soon after all of this happens.

I will pass while living high in the hills, while in my sleep after a hard day's work on the homestead.

A smile on my face. No more games of the occult. When I'm gone the world will once again be sane, but only to the insane observers. Amen.


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