Wednesday, April 17, 2024

There will be riots in the streets


Part Two

Last week I mentioned how I thought both the extreme left and extreme right will basically beat each other up as they riot in the streets of urban America, but most rural folk won't really care and they will remain conservative as they have been for decades, even if the cities catch fire.

I am making the basic assumption that the cities are filled with leftist liberals anyway and that means the Democrats control them.

I said these riots would happen because of the Trump-kept promises of appointing conservative judges to SCOTUS as well as his immigration and other policies.

BTW, I voted for Trump, but I will not participate in riots for or against the left.

It means nothing to me who runs the country as long as the Constitution is respected and the garbage truck shows up on time and the various promised obligations of the government are fulfilled such as the mail delivery, a standing army, gun rights and a short list of other essentials.

If you don't vote in August (primaries) or November then you are part of whatever problem you are complaining about. If your solution is to riot, then you belong in jail, but that won't stop the frustrated from rioting anyway.

If you didn't vote then you get what you get and that person must be respected. If you voted and your side lost - too bad. Your party didn't do its job so change your leadership and try again in the next election.

When you were a kid, did you throw a temper tantrum if you lost a game of parcheesi? The adult within screams at you now to learn to play better and bide your time.

Can the college kids do this? I doubt it. Can the minorities stop their righteous indignation from manifesting itself as violent acts? I doubt it. Thus, we will have riots and counter riots.

Stay indoors and protect yourselves if you live in a city or just ignore the rest of America if you live in the country. It has always been thus. Polarization is a part of the problem and will continue to be so as long as we keep electing polarizing figures. That sounds like a no-brainer, but it is also difficult to stop from happening every two and four years.

Speaking of which, President Trump already has a new Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Kennedy and this new appointee will be rushed through the process and be serving before anyone tries to impeach Trump. Probably even before the November election.

Hopefully this new person will be against Roe v Wade and that's all I care about. That's right. One reason I voted for Trump is to destroy Roe v Wade just like Roe v Wade destroys babies.

Television and radio talk shows love to cite statistics, especially polls, to explain why 69 percent of Americans believe in leaving Roe v Wade as is and so that must be the right answer. That must be the "choice" of Americans, when in fact, it all depends whom you ask and under what situations their lives happen to be in at the time of the asking.

We, as a people, don't give adults the right to choose to kill other adults without consequences, but apparently it is okay to kill those with no voice to defend themselves?

I, like so many millions of evangelical Christians, believe this crazy fox with orange hair and a New York attitude aka, Donald Trump, was sent by God to rid us of Roe. Now this concept is coming to fruition.

I will gladly trade 11 million immigrants for 11 million new American babies.

Roe gives us the right to kill the unborn, but not even animals do that and hopefully, we are above the animal phase of our existence.

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