Thursday, June 20, 2024

Three Rivers Hospital revisits building design and cost options


BREWSTER—The Three Rivers Hospital Board of Commissioners continues its campaign to determine the best approach to gaining public support for replacing its aging facility.

Last March, the board authorized a new scope of work proposed by Theorem Architecture. A 2022 study determined that renovating the existing structure is not workable due to cost and the limitations of the existing building. Manufacturers no longer make parts for some equipment. 

The present electrical system cannot keep pace with the latest healthcare technology.

 CEO Scott Graham delivered his capital improvements report to the board at the May 29 regular meeting. 

“We continue to work with Dave Franklund of Theorem Architecture,” said Graham. “We reviewed his thoughts about this building site as the primary focus for us in terms of building a new facility.”

Franklund is working with the TRH team on a new rough draft design that differs from what was proposed to voters last year.

Graham said the new building phases include:

Phase 1: The Energy Plant.

Phase II: The Medical Tower

Phase III: The renovated part of the old building

Board Chair Leslie McNamara noted that the energy plant was in the old building in the original drawing.

“Is it cheaper to have it a separate building? asked McNamara.

Graham explained it as a bridge between tearing down the old and building the new.

“The thinking is it gives you access to the newer hookups, the new sewer, the newer water, and it preps you to be able to bring that into the other.” said Graham. “Because you be without services otherwise.”

"Ultimately it would get us a new inpatient, a new OR, a new emergency room, and that would be huge for the hospital,” Graham said.

Graham added that Franklund is encouraging the board to continue to look offsite. That could allow the construction of a less expensive single-story structure, but cost estimates and a completed design are still under development.

“We’re still in the exploration stage.,” Graham said.

Meanwhile, the board continues to welcome community feedback.

“Residents can contact their elected commissioners or our administration with their questions and input,” said Business Development Coordinator Jennifer Best. A 

An online contact form is available at

Mike Maltais: 360-333-8483 or


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