Term limits can stop 'professional politicians'

By Gary Begin

Too many Americans on both sides of the isle allow their favorite elected officials in the state and federal house of representatives and senate to serve and serve and serve and serve ad nauseam. The excuse has always been, "we must re-elect (fill in the blank) because they have seniority and a key committee position which we must not lose if we are to make sure our agendas are passed into law."

That's it. That's the major excuse. Just can't lose that long sought after power to get the things we want out of the Congress or Olympia or even city hall for that matter. Those who criticize term limits will say things like, "if (fill in the blank) is doing a good job then we should keep them." Apparently that means forever.

No one is irreplaceable. No one. Not Abe Lincoln, not Ronald Reagan, not Senators Maria Cantwell or Patty Murray, not Cary Condotta (12th District representative) not Steve Lacey (mayor of East Wenatchee) not anyone.

The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves. The original intent of having a representative government was to have regular everyday citizens from various occupations show up in a short legislative session for little compensation, discuss some matters, make a few laws and then go back home.

Now the election of a senator or congressman or state representative seems to mean a forever golden pass towards state and federal benefits, salary and most importantly, power to shape America in the form of the most lucrative special interest which donated to the campaign.

Year after year Americans put the same tired old ladies and old men into positions of power for fear of losing the seniority on various powerful committees. Year after year we experience gridlock and partisan politics. The president is limited to two terms and Supreme Court of the United States judges get to serve for life.

Surely there must be a happy medium?

Can we not stop senators after two terms, which is 12 years? Can we not stop congress at four terms, which is eight years? Now we have folks in statehouses and DC serving until death. Our country needs fresh ideas and fresh objectives and fresh brainstorming. Aren't we tired of the Barbara Boxers and John McCains and hundreds of others throughout the land who have carried water for both the left and the right?

New ideas and fresh perspectives will keep America healthy. Corporations evolve and adopt new methods of production or they perish. New ideas are taught at colleges or else they become antiquated fossils teaching history lessons and not future potentials.

Term limits were brought up by the so-called Tea Party. Apparently they went to lunch and never came back after Obama cleaned their clocks. Who out there has the guts to introduce the new blood we need to carry the heavy loads of the future? Sadly, both sides of the isle seem happy as clams to do nothing to change the status quo. These professional politicians are akin to government programs. Once in place, they never go away.

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