A Rose

Today I happened on a rose, left where roses do not grow
Being certain of a message there I pondered what I do not know
Was this rose left for purpose, with intent to symbolize
A deep and brooding passion flowing like a stream between two lives
Was this flower simply left to bring a smile to a friend
Or does it tell of fading hearts, tested and grown cold again
Does this blossom speak of love, a promise of a certain place
Or is it there for all with vision softly singing songs of grace

I took a walk today and at the mid-way point on a foot bridge I found a single long-stemmed rose left on the rail.  Immediately my dreamer’s heart raced with thoughts of possible stories behind that rose.  I would not have touched it for love nor money because it was certainly left there for someone other than me.

Have you ever, in your walk, stumbled upon a sign that someone walked that same path before you?  Spots of beauty completely out of place but you knew they were there for a reason.  I am walking a new path, a crossroads actually, and I do find every place I look, signs of beauty; hands reaching and hearts being poured out.  The beauty of knowing eyes and tender words that touch the soul; Yes, God has walked this path before me with many others who, like me, just looked for beauty in this strange place.

God is not surprised, he knew I would be here where I am, today.  And today, He left for me a rose.  Oh, someone may have had other intentions, but God left it for me, and maybe others like me who needed a touch of beauty today, in this place.

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