30-hour fast raises awareness, money

Alex Avalos feels lucky.

Not hand at the dice lucky, but lucky to be living here, in America, where most of us can get three meals a day and access to clean water. This 17-year-old wants others to feel lucky too. That's why he has organized local youth in a 30-hour fast that took place last weekend. Avalos is raising awareness of those less fortunate than him.

We all know there are people in Africa who don't even get to eat a meal a day," said Avalos. "We're doing this to raise awareness in the community, to get people to remember that."

This is Avalos's third fast, which means his own awareness started when he was 14. He participated in 30-hour fasts organized through his church in previous years, but when the former organizer left for college, Avalos stepped up to take the reins.

"I called local youth group leaders around the area and asked if they would commit to the fast," Avalos said.

Nearly 50 participants showed, between eighth graders and high schoolers. Avalos and his fellow participants are not only raising awareness; they're raising money. Since November they've been collecting donations for the Brewster Food Bank.

On Saturday, they took to the streets to collect cans for the local food drive.

Avalos has agreed to cut his hair into a pink mohawk.

"I'm really particular about my hair," said Avalos, who describes himself as a cowboy.

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