Newhouse re-elected Western Caucus Chairman for 118th Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On November 16, Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04) was unanimously re-elected by the Congressional Western Caucus Executive Committee to serve a second term as Chairman for the 118th Congress.

“The Western Caucus will play an incredibly important and unique role in the coming years,” said Chairman Newhouse. “I am so proud of the efforts from Western Caucus Members across the country who have defended the values, practices, and priorities of rural America, and now – perhaps more than ever – it is important we continue this fight. We have accomplished a lot, but our work is not finished. From working to hold the Biden Administration accountable and reversing misguided anti-energy and land grab policies to promoting energy and agriculture production, ensuring active and effective management of our lands and waters, and modernizing regulations to ensure rural America can thrive, we truly have an opportunity to make a difference for our communities here in the nation’s capital. It is an honor to be elected to serve another term as Chairman, and I look forward to working to advance our priorities in the next Congress.”


The Congressional Western Caucus serves as a unified voice for Members of Congress representing western, rural, and resource-based communities and fighting for the priorities of the American people in the process. Click here to learn more about the Western Caucus.

Initially, the Caucus was born in the West out of concerns of undue federal interference with rural, agricultural, timber, water, energy, and hunting values that had been a part of American society for centuries. The Caucus was founded to fight this federal overreach, promote rural values, and preserve our uniquely American way of life. Over time, the Caucus has grown beyond the geographic West, allying with Members of Congress throughout the country that share our values, issues, and vision of a stronger America.

The Western Caucus focuses on hands-on Member education and experiences of rural, resource, and western life has been a hallmark of the Caucus for the last two decades. Caucus staff brings policy, press, educational opportunities, and advocacy for its entire membership through the official Eligible Congressional Member Organization (ECMO) status.









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